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The First Film, feature length documentary

The First Film, co-produced by Chris Jones of Living Spirit Pictures, explores the enduring mystery behind the inventor of film Louis Le Prince and his untimely disappearance. The film premiered at the Edinburgh Film Festival on June 2nd 2015 before a general release in UK cinemas.


‘The First Film works both as a detective story and as an account of a brilliant inventor who had an aesthetic side that many of his rivals lacked’
The Independent

‘Were the first ever moving pictures made in Leeds by Louis Le Prince? Wilkinson intriguing documentary makes a convincing case….. while others will be captivated by a flickering story that blends intrigue, industrial espionage, and possibly even murder’
Mark Kermode

‘This compelling documentary essential for anyone with an interest in screen history’
Radio Times

‘Wilkinson’s fascinating labour of love THE FIRST FILM provides useful context on the global birth of filmmaking and becomes more interesting as it attempts to solve the mystery of what happened to Louis Le Prince…..An Absorbing history lesson’
Daily Express