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The Impact // Feature Film

The poster for impact 50.

The Impact (Impact50) Synopsis The Impact is a crowd-created feature film with multiple stories connected by one thing – a meteor strike. The Impact opens with the President of America (Olivia Williams) giving a televised speech to the world (written by Joe Eszterhas (Basic Instinct) where she sets out the premise of the movie… Nothing […]

The Runner // Feature Film

A movie poster with a man holding a gun and a woman in flames.

The Runner The Runner aka Survival Island, aka Escape From… Survival Zone, is an action thriller set on a remote Canadian Island, and was the first movie produced out of the Living Spirit Pictures camp. The story follows Jack Slater and his ace ENG news team when they decide to take a survival course after […]

White Angel // Feature Film

A poster for white angel with two people holding guns.

White Angel (aka Interview With A Serial Killer) White Angel aka Interview With A Serial Killer (US Title) is a serial killer thriller produced by Living Spirit Pictures. It stars Peter Firth as Steckler, the mild mannered killer, and Harriet Robinson, the husband killing author whom Steckler blackmails into writing his biography. An intense character […]

Urban Ghost Story // Feature Film

A blurry image of a woman in front of a building.

Urban Ghost Story is a multi award winning feature film, a supernatural drama set against a Glaswegian backdrop of urban decay. Based upon reported events, the story centres around a young girl who suffers a car accident and lies dead for 184 seconds before being revived by the emergency services – after strange things begin […]

Gone Fishing // Short Film

Gone fishing is a movie with a boy and a girl walking through the woods.

Gone Fishing Gone Fishing is the touching story of a boy and old man coming to terms with bereavement through their shared love of fishing, and the legend of Goliath, the biggest pike ever caught! Financed by 150 film makers, Gone Fishing is a short film directed by Guerilla Film Makers Handbook Author Chris Jones. […]

Exam // Feature Film

A poster for the movie exam. ‘Exam’ is a high concept single location thriller, written and directed by Stuart Hazeldine. Chris Jones, from Living Spirit Pictures, acted as associate producer on the film, which has since sold to most territories worldwide and been remade several times.

The First Film // Feature Doc

The first film the greatest mystery in cinema history.

The First Film, feature length documentary The First Film, co-produced by Chris Jones of Living Spirit Pictures, explores the enduring mystery behind the inventor of film Louis Le Prince and his untimely disappearance. The film premiered at the Edinburgh Film Festival on June 2nd 2015 before a general release in UK cinemas. Reviews ‘The First […]

Meet The Nativity // Short Film

Meet the nativity a comedy in four parts.

A four webisode romantic time travelling Christian comedy about Christmas. Winner of the 2018 Jerusalem Award for best film at BAFTA.

Never Too Late // Short Film

An older man looking out of a window. Produced for the Society of Physiotherapists as a Winter campaign to riase awareness around mobility during the colder months. ‘This Christmas, remind a loved one that it’s never too late to get stronger. To get started, try simple strength and balance exercises from physiotherapists. Visit for more information.’

50 Kisses // Feature Film

50 kisses poster with many signatures on it.

50 Kisses is a groundbreaking project that brought together new talent in a global collaboration with the sole aim of creating an extraordinary feature film. Official website at